What we do…

Paint by MagooBring color to the track, one shell at a time!

Who we are

mrmagooIf you race an RC car, your going to need a shell… if you want to look cool your going to need paint. Now you could go for a single color rattle-can special, everyone’s done it at some point. But in your heart of hearts you just know that a paint-bomb job isn’t going to cut it. You’ve seen the fast, pro guys right? The guy whose ride looks like it’s going flat out whilst it’s sat on his pit bench? That’s the power of a pro paint-job. PbM can’t make you the A-main superstar (although we wish we could!), but we can make sure your car looks like it should be with custom bodyshell painting – as Pro as you need!

Paint by Magoo is John ‘Mr Magoo’ Clarke, RC racer and airbrush artist. I’ve been spraying stuff longer than I’ve been racing, and I’ve been designing stuff even longer than that. PbM offers a full end-to-end service – we’ll handle design work (if you need it), lay down the paint, add protection and even cut the shell if you need us to. We can also supply shells at cost if you need, and also offer vinyl cut masking for those looking for text and complex logo’s on their shells. If you can put it on a shell, we got ya covered!

Design work

If you have an idea of what you want, or an existing design, that gives us a place to start – we can work with that and either recreate your existing shells, or evolve the design to the next level. No idea what you want? Not a problem… PbM will work through ideas with you, from color scheme selection to the basic design ideas you like. Then we’ll take all that and wrap it up in a design you’ll love. Typically our customers leave us to ‘just get on with it’ (in the best way!), but if you want sketches of the design for approval we can arrange that too, just let us know how much control you want up front.

To get an idea of the kind of stuff Paint by Magoo produces, check out some of our previously completed bodyshells in the Gallery, or checkout our Latest Paint articles!

Shooting paint

bodyshell painting process
The biggest part of any scheme, laying down the paint… this is where the real art happens! The process of spraying a shell is as unique as each shell we produce, but we always start by getting the shells as clean as we can for maximum paint adhesion; you don’t want to be hitting the track and seeing your paint disappear as you’re lapping. Then we get the airbrush going and lay down your sweat colors as cleanly and brightly as possible. Check out a behind-the-scenes special on how we spray a typical ‘Euro’ style shell here, and check the Facebook page, we often show customer shells as they go through the painting process.