Price list

Paint Work

The list below provides a guide to our prices – these are for a typical ‘race’ style body shell, painted and protected – n.b. prices do not include the shell!.

  • Micro – £20
  • 1/10 Offroad buggy – £25
  • 1/12 Circuit – £25
  • 1/10 Offroad truck – £30
  • 1/8 Buggy – £35
  • 1/10 Touring/SupaStox – £35
  • 1/8 Truggy – £40
  • 1/8 circuit – £45

The above are a guide price, when you contact Paint by Magoo we can take a look at what you are looking for, and provide a detailed quote – this will be the amount you pay come-what-may. Typically the costs will be higher for designs that include a lot of detail, complex text or designs needing custom-cut vinyl masking or specialist paints (chrome, candy etc.). Payment for paint work is only asked for once the paintwork is complete and the shell is ready to be dispatched.

Body shells

Paint by Magoo can also supply body shells at cost when you order your shell from us. We don’t hold shells in stock, but they can generally be ordered for delivery straight to us within a couple of days. If we supply the shell for you, we do ask for payment for the shell only at time of order; the final balance for the paintwork is only due once the paintwork is complete and the shell is ready to be shipped out.

So, check out the Gallery and our Latest Paint to get some ideas, and then use the Contact page to get in touch!